eeColor Products and Licensed Software

Initial eeColor products were hardware-based.  Entertainment Experience (EE), LLC launched an attached HDMI process with an RGB Led projector then detached the commercial-grade HDMI processor for sale on its own (see   EE then produced a low cost consumer eeColor HDMI processor for home use.  These two HDMI processor products are shown below.  First the commercial-grade HDMI color processor that includes full color calibration with software and color data download capability, then the consumer HMDI home processor.


Commercial HDMI eeColor Processor

Consumer HDMI eeColor Processor


Entertainment Experience then changed its market focus to eeColor sotware licensing and has worked with major computer processing companies and computer brands to add eeColor processing to desktop processing for real-time 1080P, 60 fps video.  Those software implementation have expanded to tablets, cell phones, setop boxes, game processors and digital signage servers.  Those licensable software implementations include:

  • Windows Intel IGPU shader and desktop driver for 1080P, 60 fps video processing.
  • Windows, Linux Nvidia GPU shaders and processors for 1080P, 60 fps video
  • Windows, Linux C++Code
  • FPGA code for real-time HDMI 1.4a video processor

Throughout these application, EE, has continued to develop custom eeColor Tables for different applications, displays and media.  They include:

  •     TV/Movies dark/dim/bright/extra bright, std/cine skin
  •     LED, Oled or Nanosys wide gamut display
  •     Laser ultra-wide gamut display
  •     Flourescent lighting
  •     Incandescent lighting
  •     Games and Graphics
  •     Sports Media
  •     Computer Display
  •     Vivid Color
  •     3D and 3D Glasses
  •     Outdoor display
  •     Pro-Cinema P3 Projector Display

3D Color Tables

There are no 3D color tables available at this time.

TruVue Application Software

The TruVue eeColor Application software, installation instructions and software user guide for the commercial HDMI eeColor processor can be downloaded here TruVue Application Software Version 2. This software allows for the calibration of the display along with the downloading of the calibration tables and the 3D color tables that provide ambient light compensation. Notewe have determined that USB 3.0 will not work with the eeColor processor at this time.

 3rd Party Display Calibration Software

Light Illusion CMS – the 3D color tables of the eeColor processor can also be used for display calibration by using the Light Illusion’s CMS software which can be found here Light Illusion