Improve the viewer’s visual experience on any digital display device with color management products from Entertainment Experience LLC.

A brilliant and vivid display is the face of computing, communications and entertainment. The rise in the use of smartphones and social media for mass communication highlights the importance of display technology in the latest digital devices. Television, smartphone and computer display makers promote new display resolutions, high dynamic range and brightness as areas of differentiation from the competition. In their race to win customers, they claim that more pixels per inch equals premium image quality. While focusing on a single performance measure like resolution may come across as a sensible way to market display quality, it does not serve as a sufficient solution to achieving a satisfactory viewing experience.

Higher resolution alone won’t satisfy customer needs.

At Entertainment Experience, we have developed an improved approach to achieving superior front-of-screen performance. Our products deliver a significantly enhanced viewing experience on any device in any viewing circumstances. Let us show you how our total color management approach can enhance your products and delight your users with the best possible viewing experience!

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